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We supply all P.A. gear and, all equipment needed  for your tailored event. We can play a small venue or a large venue. We will cover any event you need.  This group can play Oldies Music and any style of music from the 40s, 50s, 60s, & 70s. Rock & Roll, blues, pop rock, surf music and also older classic Country & Western music. This group can also take requests from the audience. Our fees are reasonable and our booking agent Diana will work with you to set up a booking for any event you need. This band as performed for our serviceman and for many American Legions, Elks Lodges, private Senior living Communities and Senior Centers has well as Senior care facilities. You can also come to see our group live, before your event. Please find more information on the contact us page. 

Thank You, The 5 Star Band.

Contact us: 714-650-5166 or 714-519-5095 

And 714-333-8184.